Reengen Energy IoT Platform enables wide variety of customers to capitalize on the promise of IoT to gain a competitive advantage in their energy and operational costs.

Selected Customers


  • "We started using the Energy IoT Platform in our 213 stores a year ago. Thanks to the platform, we had the opportunity to manage the energy consumption habits of our stores spread across the country from a single platform. Among the many functions of the Platform, there were two important advantages that stand out from our perspective. We have been able to analyze our energy consumption during and after work and detect abnormal consumption. Another important output is that we can catch the energy quality problems and reactive limit exceedances of our stores which are difficult to follow remotely without realizing the alarms sent by the platform."

    Teoman Aktaş, Loss Prevention Manager

  • "Reengen Energy IoT Platform has demonstrated a unique ability to rapidly monitor, detect and report abnormalities in critical power infrastructure across Titanic hotels. We rely on highly-functional and beneficial enterprise applications of the platform for energy and operational efficiency."

    Mesut Basaran, Technical Director

  • "We were able to monitor, analyze and report the energy consumption and operational efficiency in multiple branches with a single platform. The Energy IoT platform detects the abnormal energy consumption and sends to-the-point recommendations for improving energy performance in real time. At the end of the 1-year monitoring period, we reduced total energy consumption 8% and gained 200 man-hour operational efficiency."

    Halil Erdogmus, CEO

  • "Building on the company’s proven experience creating the technology foundation essential to making the Internet of Energy a reality, Reengen’s expansion of this technology to industrial facilities is an exciting development. From my personal perspective, their technology promises a powerful, affordable, and easy to use way to apply advanced data analytics to identify, deliver, and sustain major improvements in facility operations and economic savings."

    Olcay Kapıcı, Maintenance Manager