Reengen Energy IoT Platform enables wide variety of customers to capitalize on the promise of IoT to gain a competitive advantage in their energy and operational costs.

Selected Customers


  • "Reengen Energy IoT Platform has demonstrated a unique ability to rapidly monitor, detect and report abnormalities in critical power infrastructure across Titanic hotels. We rely on highly-functional and beneficial enterprise applications of the platform for energy and operational efficiency."

    Mesut Basaran, Technical Director

  • "We were able to monitor, analyze and report the energy consumption and operational efficiency in multiple branches with a single platform. The Energy IoT platform detects the abnormal energy consumption and sends to-the-point recommendations for improving energy performance in real time. At the end of the 1-year monitoring period, we reduced total energy consumption 8% and gained 200 man-hour operational efficiency."

    Halil Erdogmus, CEO

  • "Building on the company’s proven experience creating the technology foundation essential to making the Internet of Energy a reality, Reengen’s expansion of this technology to industrial facilities is an exciting development. From my personal perspective, their technology promises a powerful, affordable, and easy to use way to apply advanced data analytics to identify, deliver, and sustain major improvements in facility operations and economic savings."

    Olcay Kapıcı, Maintenance Manager