Energy is the new Internet! Say hello to the internet of energy platform!

With a scalable and robust Platform-as-a-Service architecture, Reengen’s Energy IoT Platform provides end-to-end data analytics solutions across the energy value chain, from generation to consumption.

Platform Overview

Track the real time condition of your energy assets, monitor energy performance of your facilities and obtain data driven notifications from anywhere and anytime you need.


Based on proven industrial communications standards, our platform is fluent in most building management and industrial control system protocols including: KNX, LonWorks, BACnet, OPC, Modbus, Pulse, ODBC, CSV, DDE, SQL and has custom drivers for most building automation systems, sensors, energy analyzers, gateways, smart meters, etc.

3rd Party Application Integration: RESTful APIs for 3rd party application integration or to share data with other departments internally. Energy IoT Platform supports Data ETL Tools: Easily onboard & maintain data integrity; built-in features for the unique needs of different sensor, system and equipment data

Understand exactly what is going on throughout your building, renewable portfolio and grid infrastructure at all times with real-time analytics and data driven notifications. An intuitive user interface and beautiful data visualizations mean that any team member can gain rapid insights with just a quick look at the dashboards and mobile interfaces. Our customized automated CSV or PDF reports are simple and tailor cut for your specific operational needs.

Reengen Energy IoT Platform is used enterprise scale as the sustainability platform at numerous major corporations in Europe, North and South America and Middle East, integrating production data from hundreds of independent data sources and millions of sensors aggregated into petabyte scale data sets using highly scalable elastic computation and storage architectures to provide processing capabilities that exceed 1 million transactions per second. Energy IoT Platform Event Orchestration Infrastructure coordinates and implements large-scale automated events & services, which require interaction with multiple systems in seconds.

In Energy IoT Platform, Predictive data science is not just “big data analytics” or “business intelligence” – it’s the next level of insights to be delivered by combining innovative data sources with state-of-the-art analytical methods for energy industry. Our predictive data science modules provide previously unavailable energy and operational insights combining the disciplines of statistics, engineering, operations research, computer science, and others, while utilizing the techniques of data mining, machine learning, and mathematical optimization.

Energy IoT Platform brings your buildings, renewables and grid assets online with the cloud-based horizontally scalable engine behind. NoSQL based database and tailor cut analytical engine for stream processing is designed for cost-effective scale and operations — whether you have a handful of facilities or thousands of buildings and millions of connected devices. The high-performance, scalable database and message bus is designed to handle high volume sensor data and millions of real time computations.

As a cloud-based as well as on premise service, Energy IoT Platform fully supports robust, industry-leading cyber security protocols. The platform's multi-layered cyber security approach employs technical, physical, and administrative safeguards. We put great importance on energy reliability and security, that is why whole IoT value chain, from sensor to gateway, is protected for your data privacy and cyber security.

Using the existing infrastructure of Reengen Energy IoT Platform, you can built powerful industrial and commercial energy IoT applications. You can add the power of our platform’s engine to your own app or service. Whether you’re a hardware vendor, system integrator, service provider, or individual developer, with the Energy IoT Platform API you can build tools that take advantage of the millions of data points processed by the platform every second.


Key Benefits

- Monitor all your energy data points in real-time (5 min. to 1 hour) in a single platform
- Set target, monitor energy consumption and take action to reduce consumption
- Compare energy data points and find underperforming equipments
- Correlate different types of data and define the consumption-driving parameters
- Detect abnormalities in different operating hours

Key Features

- Real-time and historical (5 min. to 1 hour) interval data monitoring of all your energy related assets: Electricity, Water, Gas, Generator, UPS, Occupancy, Indoor Quality(Temprature, Humidity, CO2 Level etc.), Reactive Power, Power Parameters(Voltage, Current, Harmonics, Phases etc.)
- Consumption breakdown analysis of heating, cooling, lighting, chillers, pumps, fans, plug loads
- Analysis of different operating hours (day, night, shifts, etc.)
- Heat map analysis
- Weekly comparison analysis
- Target performance benchmarking
- Reactive limit analysis

Key Benefits

- Manage all facilities and their data points across your portfolio in a single platform
- Keep continuously informed of the critical alarms occurred recently across your portfolio
- Quickly view real-time and historical trend of critical energy assets from Portfolio Dashboard
- Rank KPIs of all facilities and define underperforming ones for further investigation

Key Features

- Month-to-Date (MTD), Year-to-Date (YTD) trend analysis of critical energy assets
- Filtering facilities according to different alarm and rule scenarios
- Analysis of alarm categories according to urgency levels
- Top-down and bottom-up rankings of facilities
- Portfolio grouping

Key Benefits

- Keep continuously informed of the alarms occurred recently in your facility
- Access historical alarms and define the mostly occurred ones

Key Features

- SMS, e-mail and dashboard notifications
- User assignment to different alarm levels
- Alarms created with advanced rule engine

Key Benefits

- Express energy consumption in terms of cost
- View cost savings compared to reference tariff
- Verify your utility bill
- Examine all bill items like taxes and unit costs in a single view
- Analyse Time-of-Use (TOU) tariff rates and find the best tariff suitable for consumption trend

Key Features

- Create different bill items for different utilities (electricity, water, gas)
- Compare different tariffs with your tariff
- Create single or Time-of-Use tariff rates
- Define taxes or other costs that apply on your bills
- Define different billing periods for your utility and tariffs

Key Benefits

- Accurately calculate the ROI of your efficiency projects
- Simplify the process of measurement & verification on complicated spreadsheets
- Accurate, complete, conservative, consistent, relevant and transparent saving reporting as stated in International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)

Key Features

- Automated data collection (dependent and independent variables)
- Baseline energy prediction from baseline model equations
- Savings calculations (baseline vs. actual)
- Multiple baseline equations in a reporting period for non-routine adjustments.
- Based on IPMVP Retrofit Isolation (Option B) and Whole Facility (Option C)

Providing customers and employees with a comfortable environment is a priority for all banks as well as being a significant cost center. While energy costs saving in one branch is site manager’s responsibility, saving potential across all branches is a huge opportunity for CFOs and heads of procurement. Provolta, which provides a great portfolio management as well as other Measurement & Verification functionalities, enables managers to save energy cost while maintaining customers and employees comfort at optimized level.

Key Benefits

- Have a general knowledge about energy profile
- Quickly examine abnormalities
- Keep track of energy performance towards goals

Key Features

- Automatically send daily, weekly, monthly reports
- Export report in JPEG and CSV formats
- Customized report templates

Key Benefits

- Monitor all your solar plant electricity production in real-time in a single platform
- Compare your facility consumption with solar energy production
- Keep continuously informed of the critical alarms and manage your power plant in an efficient way

Key Features

- Real-time and historical (5 min. to 1 hour) monitoring of electricity production parameters: Electricity produced, Ambient temperature, PV modules temperature, Solar irradiance
- Plant based performance analysis
- String and inverter based performance analysis
- Electricity production heat map analysis
- Electricity consumption vs. production analysis of total facility
- Alarm system for key performance issues that effects PV efficiency

Key Benefits

- Continuous transformer condition monitoring detects problems relating to power quality, installation and maintenance
- Early warning of problems in generator, transformer, UPS and compansation panels helps reduce unplanned downtime and risk levels
- Eliminating penalties on reactive energy and decreasing overall kVA demand
- Reducing power losses generated in the transformers and conductors of the installation
- Supports efforts to extend UPS, transformer and generator lifetimes, and therefore increases return on investment
- On-board data processing reduces volume of data transmitted to server for lower communication costs
- An SSL encrypted communication between the UPS and generator secures against unauthorized access and possible hacking activities

Key Features

- Monitor & report generator mode, engine & cabinet temperature, power quality, torque, fuel level
- Design alerts related to electricity cut off and generator & UPS abnormalities
- Visualize UPS battery level and output voltage
- Create advanced relational/conditional alerts including each power system

Managed Services

  • Implementation

    Implement and deploy your energy intelligence solution rapidly and cost-efficiently

  • Support

    Get the most out of your platform, ensure peace of mind through high quality support services

  • Customization

    Take full advantage of the solution and customize it to your requirements

  • Virtual Energy Management

    Maximize the value of your investment thanks to the real time support of our remote energy engineers and data scientists

  • Hosting

    Reduce deployment risks, decrease the initial investment and securely access your solution anywhere, anytime

  • Training

    Learn all about the platform and applications running on top of it and gain a better understanding and in-depth knowledge